ACT Test Dates
ACT Test Dates

SAT Test Dates
SAT Test Dates

ACT and SAT Practice Sites

Free ACT Resources

Free online testing system with professional content, detailed results and performance statistics.

Free SAT Resources

Offering diagnostic tests, practice tests, flashcards and well-organized example content.

ACT Website

Practice student tests, official ACT site

College Board

Official SAT website, RECOMMENDATION: Sign up for problem of the day to be emailed to your personal address

Khan Academy

Practice site for NEW SAT (release March 2016), must register

March 2 Success

Sponsored by US Army, must register, interactive/voice supported practice tests, vocabulary and study guides (FREE: must register, uses Peterson’s practice tests)

Test Prep Review

Test Practice site with printed tests, practice vocabulary, math, and other skills (NOT interactive)


Internet 4 Classroom

Bank of resources, websites, practice tools for ACT & SAT


Practice tests, study guides, flashcards


SAT & ACT released test (NOT interactive - PDF formats)

Offers ACT free practice test to help students to identify their areas of strengths, weaknesses and predict ACT score.