Finance Staff Directory 

Wilson, Tammy
Director of Finance
Ext: 2472

Jernigan, Christine
Supervisor of Business Operations
Ext: 2417

Smith, Lanette
Internal Accounts Manager 
Ext: 2406

Hastings, Bob
Application Support Analyst
Ext: 2486

Bennett, Edie
Accounting Specialist - Budget, Costing
Ext: 2467

Dutkiewicz, Tammy
Accounting Specialist - Payments, Receipts
Ext: 2452

Vino, Patti
Accounting Assistant - Grants
Ext: 2414

Tenner, Tamara
Accounting Assistant - Medicaid
Ext: 2477

Judge, Mandy
Accounting Analyst - Receipts
Ext: 2416

Eberhardt, Amanda
Accounting Analyst - Purchase orders
Ext: 2450

Shriver, Carin
Accounting Analyst - Utilities
Ext: 2466

Taulbee, Katie
Accounting Analyst - Credit Cards
Ext: 2423