CCSB Guardians

Our school guardian program receives high praise from our staff and families as we build positive relationships with our student body, while keeping their safety paramount. The guardian’s high visibility and presence throughout our campus’s only strengthens our physical security measures that are in place at every school. We want to remind everyone that safety is not one person or one organizations responsibility, it is everyone’s responsibility. We often hear the words, ‘See something, Say something’ but we experience the opposite in our country when tragedy occurs. We believe in the Citrus County community and encourage everyone to do their part when it comes to protecting our children.

The Citrus County School District invested in what arguably is the best panic alert system in response to the Alyssa’s Alert legislation by the State of Florida. As we rolled out the system in August 2021, we quickly realized it’s value when reporting medical emergencies related to students and other scenarios that required assistance with staff and students. We are in a great position to respond to an emergency on any campus with a system that utilizes precise location technology and 9-1-1 notification.