Message from Superintendent of Schools Sandra "Sam" Himmel

Superintendent Sandra "Sam" Himmel

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year! 

On behalf of the Citrus County School board and staff, I thank you for your support and understanding during these unprecedented times. The health and safety of our district community continues to be at the forefront in all that we do. I am confident that our entire learning community will join together at this crucial moment as we have demonstrated under difficult circumstances before, and we will rise to meet the challenge once again.

During the summer, our district formed task forces and utilized several resources to create the Citrus Cares School Reopening Plan. As you can imagine, there is much detail, reflection, consideration, and unanticipated expense as health and safety aspects provide the focus for continued learning and growth for all students. Flexibility continues to be the mantra in implementing our plan as changes are often revealed from key agencies on a day-by-day basis. 

Staff have engaged in continuous learning and professional development with the goal to deliver instruction that meets the needs of students whether in the traditional classroom or in a virtual setting. Parents, please know that I deeply appreciate and value the role you play in your child’s education.  I urge you to stay involved with each year of his/her school career to ensure the greatest success possible.             

I am honored and excited to serve as your Superintendent of Schools.  No matter where I go or whom I meet across the state, I always take time to share the wonderful things that are happening in our schools with the support of our entire community.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you in this role.                    

Together, we can make sure that great things continue to happen in our Citrus County Schools … Where Learning is the Expectation and Caring is a Commitment!

Sandra “Sam” Himmel

Superintendent of Schools