Citrus County Schools is pleased to offer courses leading to the Florida Reading Endorsement. The courses are offered online through a Canvas course. Each course is 60 hours which is equivalent to a 3-semester hour college course. We do not recommend taking more than one course at a time.

  • To be eligible for the ESOL endorsement, teachers must take domains 1-5 (300 hours).
  • To be eligible for the ESOL certification, teachers must take 120 hours of ESOL coursework and pass the ESOL certification exam. Teachers pay for this exam and are reimbursed for a passing score.
  • ELA/Reading teachers require the endorsement or certification to meet state compliance.
  • Content area teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators require 60 hours of coursework to meet state compliance.
  • Elective teachers, Pre-K teachers, and speech pathologists require 18 hours of coursework to meet state compliance.


Domain 1: Cross-Cultural Communication

Domain 2: Applied Linguistics

Domain 3: Methods of Teaching

Domain 4: Curriculum and Materials

Domain 5: Testing and Evaluation

18 Hour Overview