HR Staff

Suzy Swain Brendan Bonomo 

Suzy Swain
Director of Human Resources

Brendan Bonomo
Coordinator of Certification &
Professional Standards

Annette Dowling   Chandler Farmer    Jennifer Fleming    Yvette Garcia 

Annette Dowling

Payroll Analyst

Job Duties: Process payroll for PGE, IPS, CRP, CRH, MSS, LMS, AES, TRC, Ed Tech, Planning/Growth, Code Compliance, HR, Risk Mgmt, Transportation – Inv & DSC


Chandler Farmer

Switchboard Operator

Job Duties: COVID sick leave reimbursement; renewing/adding teacher certifications; Fingerprinting; Drug Testing


Jennifer Fleming

Personnel Analyst

Position control; Process HR forms; Summer School


Yvette Garcia

Payroll Analyst

Job Duties: Teacher experience; Loan forgiveness; PAR reports; Lead money; Reappointments/Sub intent

Maria Holloway   Melissa Payne   Joan McDonald
  Samantha Quandt

Maria Holloway

Personnel Analyst

Job Duties: Assistant to HR Director and Professional Standards Coordinator; background checks; drug testing; new hires


Melissa Payne

Payroll Analyst

Job Duties: Process payroll for FMLA, WTC, SCC, Busn Serv, Guardians, ESE, Ed Serv, Prof Dev, Food Serv, Workers Comp, Sub bus drivers


Joan McDonald

Switchboard Operator

Job Duties: District phone operator; citizen questions; assist district personnel; employee ID badges


Samantha Quandt

District Secretary

Job Duties:Direct deposits; fingerprinting; drug testing; job applications; new hire orientation; e-verify

Teresa Royal   Joni Seagreaves   Stacey Taylor    

Teresa Royal

Policy Compliance Officer

Job Duties:Employee investigations; Background investigations; Application review; Professional Practices liaison


Joni Seagreaves

Senior Applications Support Analyst

Job Duties:

Supports several ‘behind the scenes’ processes related to products such as

Skyward Business Systems, Staff DOE Reporting & ALICE.


Stacey Taylor

Payroll Specialist

Job Duties: Process salary & all related payments; Ensures School Board policies and gov’t regulations are consistently applied to payroll procedures

Nicolle Tompkins   Kimberly Waller   Nancy Weaver

Nicolle Tompkins

Payroll Analyst

Job Duties: Process payroll for CHS, CRE, LPS, CSE, RCE, CSM, Finance, Facilities, Maintenance, Transportation.


Kimberly Waller

Payroll Analyst

Job Duties: Process payroll IMS, FCE, HOM, CRM, LHS, HER, FRE, Crest, Citrus Eschool, Transportation


Nancy Weaver

Program Specialist for Certification and Professional Standards

Job Duties: Teacher certifications; Recruiting, hiring, training substitutes; Out-of-Field Teacher Processing; Coaching Certifications; Retirement; FRS; DROP