Student Health Services

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The goal of the School Health Services program is to provide a safe, healthy, and positive learning environment that fosters student achievement. We have a school nurse assigned to every schools in our district and a designated health room attendant in all of our schools. Please see your school nurse for any health concerns you have about your child and we will do everything in our power to assist.
If you have any questions regarding the health services program, contact
Michelle Shank,  Supervisor of School Health

   (352) 527-0090 Ext. 6308

Michelle Shank, RN,BSN-Supervisor of School Health, District Student Services

Lisa Arnau, RN-Homosassa Elementary School

Jessica Marlow, LPN-Lecanto Middle School and Lecanto High School

Sarah Messina, RN, Floral City Elementary and Hernando Elementary

Donna Minish, RN-Citrus Springs Elementary School, Citrus High School

Colette Nichols-Watson, LPN-Rock Crusher Elementary, Academy of Environmental Science, Marine Science Station, and  CPR Coordinator

Connie Persson, RN-Central Ridge Elementary and Crystal River High School

Margaret Roddenberry, LPN-Inverness Primary School and Citrus Springs Middle School

Kim Shults, RN-Lecanto Primary School, PACE for Girls, SRMI/REN

Kimberly Thiebauth, RN-Crystal River Primary and Crystal River Middle School

Annette Underhill, RN-CREST

Jessica Velasco, RN-Forest Ridge Elementary, Pleasant Grove Elementary, Citrus E-School

Melissa Vernon, LPN-Inverness Middle School


In addition to our Citrus County District nurses, we have had an opportunity to utilize monies from the Florida Department of Health to supply the following nurses for our district for the 2023-2024 school year.

Alicia Cabrera, RN-Crystal River Primary School

Roxane DeJesus, RN-Forest Ridge Elementary School

Sandy Dunlap, RN-Central Ridge Elementary

Caryn Leslie, RN-Lecanto Middle School

Tabitha Spedding, RN-Hernando Elementary School and Floral City Elementary School

Kendra Otey, RN-Inverness Primary School and Citrus Springs Middle School