Message from Superintendent of Schools Sandra "Sam" Himmel

Superintendent Sandra "Sam" Himmel

The Citrus County School District is committed to the continuous improvement of our entire educational program. Therefore, not only is our academic program exemplary, but our students have multiple opportunities to become involved in excellent extra and co-curricular activities. For our students to enjoy the total school experience, I encourage them to become involved in all aspects of their school. 

While most people first think of athletics, our schools offer a variety of activities other than just sports to help the personal growth of each student. Each of our schools has different clubs and organizations that regularly meet such as Science Clubs, Key Club, Drama Club, and foreign language clubs, and more. Most schools offer nearly 30 clubs to choose from. Think about what interests you and ask your school administration what options are out there. Meet new people 
and get to know the other students in school. 

As a parent of former Citrus County school students, I can testify that there is no better place to raise a family than Citrus County. Not only do we enjoy an excellent school system, but we have the benefit of a supportive community filled with people who understand and appreciate the value of education. Parents have many opportunities to get involved in our schools through the PTA, Volunteer Program, and Athletic Boosters, just to name a few. Our schools are always 
looking for volunteers to assist in classrooms and throughout the schools.

Being a mother and now a grandmother, I understand the everyday struggles parents face. Nonetheless, parental involvement is without a doubt a necessary component of a successful school district. It’s always such a pleasure to attend events that our students and families get excited about such as Math Field Day, FFA livestock showings at the fair, our chorus and band competitions and much more. To see the excitement on student’s faces when they win a medal or ribbon or show off their winning steer is priceless. I know how hard they’ve worked and it’s these little moments that make me so proud to be a part of their journey. 

Children are more successful and get excited about learning when they’re vested in their school. Encourage your child to seek out different activities and meet new people to make it their best year of school yet! I am honored and grateful that you continue to entrust our schools with your children every day. 

As your Superintendent of Schools, I am in awe of our progress and achievements and look forward to what the year 2023 will bring.

Sandra “Sam” Himmel
Superintendent; Citrus County Schools