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Citrus County School District Becomes ALICE Certified
Posted on 11/29/2018

The Citrus County School District is pleased to announce it has become an ALICE certified organization.  This certification means the district “has successfully met the requirements of the ALICE Training Institute’s Certified Organization program, in active shooter response preparedness…”

ALICE, stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.  The goal of the training is to teach students and staff strategies which will increase the likelihood of survival in the event of an armed intruder in one of our schools. 

As part of the district’s ongoing commitment to safety, we started implementing ALICE protocol in every public school on the first day of this current school year.  The district has 10 administrators who are certified ALICE instructors.  At implementation, all CCSB employees had completed online, face–to–face and hands-on practical ALICE training. There is ongoing training as we hire new personnel within the district.        

“Safety is the number one priority of any school district,” says Superintendent Sam Himmel.  “Schools are accountable for student safety from the time each student steps onto the school bus until the end of the day when each student gets off the bus to return home. Safe school districts are the backbone of a strong community and we work hard to maintain the highest level of safety in Citrus County.”

Throughout the 2018 school year, district schools have participated in active shooter response drills and other safety instruction related to the ALICE Training Institute.  Parents are notified before all ALICE drills take place at their child’s school.  Just like practicing what we should do in a fire with our monthly fire drills, we want to be sure that students and staff are prepared and know what to do if an armed intruder enters a school. There are many safeguards in place at our schools - some that are visible and others that are not.

“At the end of the day, families move into communities for schools,” says Himmel.  “They want to know about academics, achievement, and is the learning environment safe.  We want to make sure parents know their kids are going to be safe and learning at a high level here in Citrus County.”

It is our recommendation that parents engage in age-appropriate conversation with their child or children following all safety drills. Should a parent have a specific question please contact your child’s principal.