Kennedy Receives FSBA Bridge Builder Award

Kennedy Receives FSBA Bridge Builder Award
Posted on 08/09/2023

School Board member Thomas Kennedy was recognized during Tuesday’s school board meeting for his work as President of the Florida School Boards Association for the past year.  Chairman Doud Dodd highlighted 96 hours of training which current school board members complete through FSBA and then introduced the CEO of the FSBA, Andrea Messina.

Ms. Messina spoke on behalf of the FSBA and talked about the impact of Mr. Kennedy and how through his efforts – strengthened the FSBA organization and talked about how she identifies and connects Mr. Kennedy with the character of Ted Lasso from the HBO series. “Both of them are bridge builders who effortlessly connect disparate groups,” says Ms. Messina. “And just like that fictional football coach who won the hearts of a divided team, our FSBA president, Thomas Kennedy brought his own brand of positivity, warmth, and wisdom to our association. He transformed challenges into opportunities, and he cultivated an environment of inclusivity where diverse perspectives were not only welcomed but celebrated. And just like Ted Lasso, who believed in the best in people, our president (Thomas) saw the best in each of our members. And he encouraged them to be the best school board members they could be.”

In true Thomas fashion, Ms. Messina then showed board members and the public the online recognition of congratulatory messages from all his fellow school board members, including videos and heartfelt comments.

Ms. Messina then presented Thomas with FSBA’s first ever Bridge Builder Award. Congratulations, Mr. Kennedy! We are so proud of your continued dedication to the students, staff, and families of Citrus County!